BREAKING NEWS 8/17/19 - Details need to be worked out, but the deal between Sarasota YMCA, Save Our Y and Dreamers Academy could keep the two fitness centers open. READ MORE

Although there is hope now, we will still need your support to make this new organization possible. For 74 years, the YMCA has served the needs of Sarasota. Now is the time for all of us to step up and pledge what you are willing to give to ensure the future of the YMCA for the next 74 years and beyond. All pledges will go towards the work of the "Save the Y" committee to keep our YMCA fitness centers open.

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The pledge amount indicates what you may be willing to donate at a later date to keep the Sarasota YMCA fitness branches open. Every dollar helps.
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GOAL: $1,000,000 BY SEPTEMBER 13


PLEDGED: $403,255

LAST UPDATED 08/19/19 8:00aM EST (NEXT UPDATE 08/20/19)


To keep our fitness branches open to serve the Sarasota community.


This isn’t going to be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. Together, we can.

Pledges and eventual gifts will benefit the planned successor entity which will be named the Sarasota Y and it’s board and principals will be totally autonomous and different from the legacy organization, the Sarasota Family YMCA.

Our Initial Goal: to raise $1,000,000 in pledges by Friday the 13th of September (hopefully our lucky day) to KEEP OUR Y OPEN by buying us time while we negotiate a change of management and a new business plan to grow our new Y.

Our Ultimate Goal: to raise $2,500,000 in tax-deductible donations by the end of the fiscal year (6/30/20) which we will invest in improving and growing our new Y, making it sustainable to serve current and future generations.


The first goal is to indicate $1,000,000 of support by September 13, 2019. This may keep the doors open at our branches through June 30, 2020 to allow more time to develop a plan and raise money.


More time allows us to strategically make a plan for how to create a new organization. This will involve new leadership, operation and fundraising initiatives.


With a plan that people can support we will begin more fundraising to build a large enough bank to make a new organization possible. The exact amount will be determined at this time.


Upon reaching our fundraising goals, we will then have the ability to become an independent organization built through our combined efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the plan?
Our main and immediate Goal is to have the two Branches of the Y - Berlin and ESJ - remain open past the stated September 13th deadline. Please plan to stay put!

How will you do that?
We will create a totally new organization separate from the current board, while still retaining our valued staff.

Where is the money going that we are donating?
Right now we are only taking PLEDGES to show board and potential partners that the membership and our community are behind the plan to create a separate organization but when we do collect money it will kept in a separate account that will only be used by the new management not the current one.

How will this be different?
We are negotiating a proposal with the current board whereby the Save Our Y Advisory Council will devise a new plan of management that will be transparent, member-inclusive, and will provide for growth of our two health and fitness centers.

What is the Save Our Y Committee doing?
We are working on a business plan that will be attractive to investors and financial supporters that will enable us to be successful in our mission to keep our Y open. We have former CEO’s and COO’s from YMCA’s on our fabulous team to assist us in making the new business plan as well as other talented professionals in finance, marketing, fundraising and other areas or expertise.

 What can I do to help?

1.    We need you to remain members and encourage your exercise pals to stay.

2.    Personally invite 10 friends to pledge and join our “Sharing Campaign” to share the site on social media

3.    We need financial commitments (pledges) from you. No monies are being collected at this time and remember:

4.    Stay current with goings-on by checking our website. and like our Facebook page at: or Instagram at:

Find ten friends to pledge, return to their beloved Y, or become a new member.


“There is hope and light on the horizon.”

Save Our Y Committee